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Cable Management | Professional Installations from PJK Connections

Cable management is a specialist service, usually undertaken by contractors as part of an ongoing commercial or industrial development project. Most projects involve an installation of fabricated equipment to organise, route and protect data or electrical cables. The two key phrases which surround our industry, cable containment and cable management, also describe the products our contractors use to protect networks and the very nature of the operational procedure used by our business.

Very few companies specialise in data cable management and even fewer go as far as PJK Connections Ltd to keep clients so well-informed on their products and services.

Most commercial and industrial environments in the modern age use some form of cable management to protect networks, including IT departments, power distribution facilities, telecommunication centres and server rooms. Under most circumstances, our team of cable containment contractors fit specialist equipment to a set specification ahead of electricians attending a site but can also come in to tidy up an existing network if required.

Cable Management Equipment

The cable management process covers three primary functions; the products we use to support the weight of cables as we route them to different areas of a building, the use of products to protect cables from accidental damage during use and the future management of the cable network during its operational lifetime so repair, replacement, modification and upgrade work never requires us to dismantle a current installation in full.

Cable management equipment includes metal trunking, cable ladders, cable baskets and cable trays. These products support data and electrical cables across the entire route.

Some working environments, such as IT departments, require the addition, removal or upgrading of cables as industry technology evolves. An effective cable management installation allows for modernisation without the need for extra construction work.

A typical cable management installation provides protection and containment between two fixed points and, based on the project requirements, the trays, the baskets and the trunking we use routes the data and electrical cables between them. Without effective management, the cables strain, tangle and deteriorate. This makes future rectification work difficult to perform without disassembling and starting over.

Professional Solutions from PJK Connections Ltd

PJK Connections is a cable management company with the operational capacity required to undertake projects on a genuine nationwide basis. Our experienced team delivers a client-focused service during all phases of a property development to make installations simple, safe and easy to maintain over the lifetime of the network. The cable containment contractors on our team work during normal business hours or outside of them should the job demand it.

Phil Gouldby, the manager of PJK Connections Ltd, welcomes enquiries from commercial and industrial developers across the United Kingdom. We provide clients with initial site surveys and consultations, without obligation, and comprehensive written quotations which include labour and material costs – always at competitive rates.

Using a cable management company is your guarantee of a more stable network, and without any complications should you ever need to make a few subtle changes. We guarantee our workmanship and we only fit branded data and electrical containment systems with a manufacturer warranty. PJK Connections has employers and public liability insurance, a factor that provides our valued UK clients with welcome peace of mind.

Call 07973 790098 for enquiries and quotations. PJK Connections covers all UK locations as a trusted team of data and electrical cable management contractors.