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Cable Containment Contractors | Cable Tray Benefits

Cable trays play a pivotal role in the world of data and electrical cable management, and are now amongst the most common products used with the commercial and industrial sectors. They offer a wealth of benefits over conduit and similar cabling systems because of their affordability, their adaptability and their ease of maintenance. This makes cable trays equally popular with our cable containment contractors, who perform installations on a nationwide basis, and with our valued base of UK clients.

Most project managers choose cable containment trays for network management because they prove more effective in terms of ongoing costs. If a system upgrade in a commercial or industrial environment requires the installation of new wiring, we can accommodate the removal and replacement of old cable more easily in comparison to the upgrade of other systems.

Most nationwide data cable containment contractors opt for cable trays ahead of conduit because they deliver the following benefits:


Cable containment trays adapt better to the demands of modern technology. Changes in the pace of the global economy, industry competition and the continuous evolvement of innovation and technology require faster expansion facilities and a more flexible range of products which optimise the basic purpose of a cable containment project. Because cables can enter into or exit out of a cable containment tray at any specified point, it makes modifications simple and affordable.

The initial build of a cable containment system factors in the potential growth of a business to ensure full adaptability for new technologies, company expansion or property redevelopment. Reputable cable containment contractors incorporate the possibility of change into the client specification and into their own design work.


Compared to conduit, cable trays require less maintenance. They also allow for a full visual inspection without having to strip the system down to the basics. An effective cable tray system has the capacity for expansion, is less susceptible to moisture and doesn’t collect condensation when changes in temperature occur. These are all important considerations that contribute to reduced or easier maintenance requirements

Cable trays and baskets also have better resistance to fire. In the event of a fire, a tray installation from our cable containment contractors limits the damage to just a small section of the system but, with conduit, wiring suffers from more damage because the thermoplastic insulation nearly always fuses directly to the system.

This makes the tray design especially suitable as a server room cable containment system.

Safety and Cost

Cable containment trays provide better flow-through for heat and toxic gases, and alleviate the safety concerns typically associated with conduit. The system also presents fewer safety risks to electricians and to other tradespersons working on the installation in the future. Our cable containment contractors install trays to NECEIC standards with grounding conductors and additional components that allow for the easy checking of electrical continuity.

Research indicates that cable containment trays cost 60% less to install than conduit once we factor labour and materials into the project quotation. The fittings, fixtures and components needed to perform the installation also cost less and work perfectly with the basic tray system to offer more long-term environmental benefits over conduit.

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