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Data Cable Management | Cable Trays

Our data cable management contractors use cable trays, amongst other systems, to support insulated networks during installation projects – often as an alternative to open or conduit systems. Perfect for most cable containment and cable management applications, we mostly use cable trays for commercial and industrial developments. Trays work particularly well as a form of server room cable containment but also provide functionality in a wealth of different environments, such as power distribution facilities and telecommunication centres.

Cable trays also accommodate changes to the wiring system should you anticipate any in the future, especially in IT departments where advances in technology occur on a more frequent basis.

Instead of having to remove old cables and reroute the new ones every time a change takes place, data cable management specialists use the existing installation as a cost-effective containment measure that requires very little in terms of modification. Our industry has many different containment products available including trunking, ladders and baskets, but cable trays play a pivotal role in most of the projects undertaken by PJK Connections Ltd.

Cable Trays Types

Data and electrical containment contractors use different cable trays for a range of different applications. Solid-bottom trays are amongst the most protective and they modify easily to allow for convenient entry and exit points. Amendments to the original design cause minimal inconvenience and allow us to create perfect channels or troughs for the best in data cable management performance.

For superior air circulation, especially with cables that generate more heat than normal, our contractors use ventilated cable trays with small openings along the bottom. These cable trays work best in hazardous environments where condensation might occur because they prevent water from pooling.

As an added feature, small cables passed through the punched holes or slots allow simple access to power points or connection panels anywhere in the network.

If required, PJK Connections can accessorise ventilated ladders and trays with their own covers to protect cables from dust hazards, standing water and falling objects. Flexible size availability ensures sufficient support for large quantities of cable. This is just another benefit to cable trays, and one that makes it such a popular choice on so many data cable management projects.

We even install lightweight trays for minor applications such as small telecommunication or IT networks. We refer to lightweight cable trays as cable baskets because of their slim design and appearance. Manufactured from wire mesh, manufacturers build cable baskets with a single central rail that has heightened ribs on either side to lend extra support to the cable network.

The addition of support blocks maintains a safe workspace on large-scale cable routes that conduct to a high level and sometimes overheat.

All data cable management trays mount vertically or horizontally. When used vertically, they sometimes fall into the category of cable ladders. Most products in the data and electrical containment sectors have better compatibility with certain applications and also have specialist fittings available. This allows for changes in elevation across the entire cable network and also for changes in direction.

Our cable containment contractors have a detailed understanding of the systems available to each project, and use them to client specification or as a part of our own design.

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