Photo of Server Room Cable containment System

Server Room Cable Containment

Server room cable containment allows for the effective arrangement of cables, wires and cords whilst promoting airflow at critical junctures such as the machine and computer points. To arrange data and electrical cables in the most suitable manner, our contractors use an assortment of products including trays, baskets and ladders. These products make the initial installation more functional, and also allow for simple repairs, replacements, modifications and upgrades in the future.

PJK Connections Ltd is a server room cable containment specialist with an ability to perform installation work to client specification or to our own company design. Our data cable containment contractors work on commercial and industrial projects, operating on a full nationwide basis – either inside or outside of normal business hours based on your own business requirements.

Most progressive companies prefer to run their own networks and eventually add a server room to separate workspace from what is essentially a data storage area.

Protection for Data Cables

Because of the continuous advancement in computer technology over the past 25 years, server rooms have become the heartbeat of almost every office, IT department and call centre in the world. Unfortunately, the wiring network damages easily without an effective server room cable containment system, and particularly when the original installer crams everything together without sufficient product support.

Furthermore, the poor arrangement of cables could lead to crosstalk.

With a professional cable management company helping you with the installation and the correct choice of tray, the wiring routes never operate beyond their intended capacity. If there is the possibility of needing an equipment upgrade in the future, the effective arrangement of your server room cable containment system allows for the installation of new cables easily. In effect, we look to futureproof your installation.

The bend radius on cable is also an important server room management issue. When patch cords hang from the patch panel, their weight and the impact of gravity cause them to flex beyond their recommended bend radii. Stress on the conductors results in signal attenuation. Once this problem occurs, a network rarely performs to its full capability.

Our contractors achieve optimum data and electrical cable management by circumventing typical problems and using the following installation procedures:

  • The use of cable trays and cable baskets to support the weight of network cables, reducing weight and gravity-induced sagging between the rungs
  • Shorter patch cords to lighten the load with less slack across the system
  • Connecting cables set at 45° instead of 90° angles through the installation of angled patch panels, alleviating sharp or forced curves to create gentler bends and slopes
  • Extra support for patch cords with strain-relief boots that reduce bending or sagging at stress points immediately behind the connector
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