Photo of Data Cable Containment System

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Data Cable Containment | Finding the Right Contractor Containment and management contractors specialise in the installation of safe, well-designed systems which protect the integrity of electrical, data and communication cables for their commercial and industrial clients. Before you make a final decision on a suitable company for electrical and data cable containment work, consider the […]

Photo of Server Room Cable containment System

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Server Room Cable Containment Server room cable containment allows for the effective arrangement of cables, wires and cords whilst promoting airflow at critical junctures such as the machine and computer points. To arrange data and electrical cables in the most suitable manner, our contractors use an assortment of products including trays, baskets and ladders. These […]

Photo of Completed Project by PJK's Cable Containment Contractors

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Cable Containment Contractors | Cable Tray Benefits Cable trays play a pivotal role in the world of data and electrical cable management, and are now amongst the most common products used with the commercial and industrial sectors. They offer a wealth of benefits over conduit and similar cabling systems because of their affordability, their adaptability […]

Photo of Data Cable Management System

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Data Cable Management | Cable Trays Our data cable management contractors use cable trays, amongst other systems, to support insulated networks during installation projects – often as an alternative to open or conduit systems. Perfect for most cable containment and cable management applications, we mostly use cable trays for commercial and industrial developments. Trays work […]

Photo of a Cable Management Installation

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Cable Management | Professional Installations from PJK Connections Cable management is a specialist service, usually undertaken by contractors as part of an ongoing commercial or industrial development project. Most projects involve an installation of fabricated equipment to organise, route and protect data or electrical cables. The two key phrases which surround our industry, cable containment […]

Photo of an Electrical Cable Containment Installation

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Electrical Cable Containment | System Benefits At PJK Connections Ltd, we employ a skilled and accredited team of cable management contractors. Our personnel work from modern vans equipped with the materials, the fixtures and the tooling required for successful project delivery. Our contractors undertake data and electrical cable containment work on a full nationwide basis. […]