Data and Electrical Cable Management

Phil Gouldby and the team at PJK Connections Ltd specialise in data and electrical cable management. We welcome enquiries from clients in the commercial and industrial sectors, and from anywhere in the UK. Our central location in the heart of Bedfordshire guarantees prompt access to nearby motorway systems for smoother service delivery but, for long-term projects, our personnel stay local to the site and even work outside of normal business hours so as to not disrupt your own operations or those of other contractors.

In short, we offer a fast, reliable and client-focused data and electrical cable containment service – on a genuine nationwide basis – at the industry’s most competitive independent rates.

Our cable management contractors work to specification or our own designs, using modern systems which direct and contain cables whilst providing them with vital protection. This is a service suitable for all cable types. Whenever we undertake data cable containment and electrical cable management work on your behalf, we pay strict attention to the timeframe, the building structure, the aesthetics and the overall budget for the installation.

The cable containment contractors at PJK Connections surround data and electrical cables with safe, functional and protected barriers designed to last for many years.

Electrical Trunking

Starting at a smallest size of 15mm² and extending to larger sizes of 300mm² and above, electrical trunking containment utilises hollow space within a steel or uPVC box. This is a fast, simple and cost-effective installation system for single or multiple cables. Electrical trunking comes in linear lengths which we cut or redirect to the project specification.

Perimeter Trunking

Available in uPVC, aluminium and painted or powder-coated steel, and with the design flexibility to produce multiple compartments, perimeter trunking is the perfect choice for data cable management and electrical cable containment in open-plan areas and offices. We install perimeter trunking in a traditional dado design, as skirting or in a cornice style.

Floor Trunking

PJK Connections mainly uses floor trunking for data, telecommunication and 240V cable systems. This versatile option is innovatively adapted for easier installation into voids and screeds without having to overly modify the existing floor space. Our cable management contractors generally use floor trunking for projects with smaller quantities of data cable.

Subject to specification, we install floor trunking using customised boxes.


Conduit is one of the most recognisable forms of cable containment and it comes in a wide range of diameters and grades. While uPVC conduit is easier to install, steel conduit offers more protection and comes in a choice of attractive galvanised or black enamel finishes. We recommend conduit for external applications when data and electrical cables are more at risk from dampness.

Cable Trays

Available in linear lengths, cable trays are a perfect cable management choice for a vast range of commercial and industrial applications including containment in server rooms. Data and electrical cable trays support the weight of freestanding cables in widths of up to 900mm. This solution usually comes in a galvanised steel finish but can have a powder coating added to ensure a uniform colour blend inside any type of room space.

Cable Baskets

Used as an alternative to cable trays, cable baskets are lighter, more durable and easier to install. With a simple linear wire structure, cable baskets support and protect lighter cables including those used for computers, telephones and transferring data. Cable baskets suit all commercial or industrial environments, and allow easy access to systems in the event of repairs, replacements, upgrades or modifications.

Cable Ladders

Cable ladders provide dynamic vertical cable containment as a space-saving solution for any commercial or industrial environment. Accessorised and simple for our cable containment contractors to install, ladders come in galvanised steel and work best on systems of a light to medium weight. Cable ladders work equally well on low voltage installations and high voltage installations.

Powertrack BUSBAR Systems

This specialised trunking solution provides the best level of protection for all BUSBAR systems rated below 63A and it installs easily into most ceiling and floor voids. Knock-out sockets allow for simple connection between electrical points, floor boxes and equipment. This trunking comes with clean earth adaptations. Powertrack systems integrate into offices and industrial workspaces equally well.

Please contact us on 07973 790098 for enquiries and quotations.

Call 07973 790098 for enquiries and quotations. PJK Connections covers all UK locations as a trusted team of data and electrical cable management contractors.